Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Vélo Citoyen

Sophie's class heading off on their bike ride

Sophie's class today had their "vélo citoyen" excursion to Theys.
The class has had several afternoons of practice with their bikes at school, as well as a couple of "sorties" (excursions outside the school) since the beginning of May. Parent volunteers have helped with the training, and accompanied the children on their ride today.
The idea of the Vélo Citoyen program is to encourage good citizenship along with safe cycling. It is held on a regional basis, and is meant to be a chain, where one class visits another, then the visited class visits another, sending a message along right around the region.
Because the village of Theys is more than 10km away, and the last leg is up the mountain (and the kids aren't training for the Tour de France) they rode only 10km, which took them to Lake Terasse, and then they took a bus for the last leg of the trip. The class at Theys presented some of the work they had been doing, and then they had a game of handball after lunch. (Well that's as much as I can gather from Sophie!) Next week a class from another school will visit Sophie's class.
The ride back from Theys was made more interesting because instead of taking the cycle bridge they rode their bikes through the little river!
And less than an hour after they returned the skies opened up with a thunderstorm, ruining one of the few fine days we have had lately. So they were blessed with the weather.
Lets hope the weather is fine tomorrow too, because it is Sophie's athletics carnival, which was postponed from last week.

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