Monday, 30 June 2008

Last Saturday of School

The children had their last Saturday morning at school last week. When school resumes in September there will be no more school on Saturday mornings.
On Saturday Bonnie had school as usual, but with sport (learning rugby), while Odette had a singing concert for parents and Sophie's class put on a little performance and display about their vélo citoyen project.

The children at l'école maternelle at La Flachere, performing for parents

Happy memories: the parents' view of the performance

All the kids in the three classes at Odette's school (3 1/2 to 6 1/2 year-olds) sang some little songs sitting on benches (tall ones at the back standing) in their gym room. Odette was sitting in the second row so I could hardly see her, and neither could I hear her very well - I'm sure she wasn't singing as loudly as she has been singing at home!

Odette, sitting in the second row

After the singing the children each had a long-stemmed rose to present to their teacher. That was a great idea as each child got to present a flower, and the teachers ended up with a big bunch. Then everyone filed outside for a drink and some lovely looking (didn't try one!) chocolate treats.

I wanted her to pose for me, but Odette's friends dragged her off to play!

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