Sunday, 1 June 2008

Do you recognise this girl?

The huge poster at Warwick shopping centre

Sophie had her first modelling job just before her seventh birthday. It ended up being quite a saga as it took more than a year for her to get paid. (It wasn't until we had a story run in the Sunday Times that the money finally came through.) Now three years later we have evidence of the photo shoot. Francine, our last nanny, got a surprise when she saw this huge poster at her local shopping centre in Warwick, Perth. She grabbed a picture on her mobile phone and emailed it to us, so we have evidence, and Sophie can see the results of her work. Who knows where else the photos might be used? Or when her next job might be?

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Anonymous said...

hummmmm, francine should have taken that trolley away, so that we could see what's in the plate!!
the anonymous from dalyellup