Sunday, 29 June 2008

Les Soldes

Lots of French women went shopping last week, for the summer sales ("les soldes"). I'm getting right into the culture so, on Friday morning while Roger was off with some mates, I did as the French do and took myself for an outing. It was the best shopping experience I have had. A friend had recommended a store called Kiabi as a place I might find a good selection of clothes in larger sizes. And she was right. Usually I struggle to find something to fit properly, out of a decent fabric, at a reasonable price. But here there was plenty of choice.. Why choose? Why not get them all? Hugh slept in the pusher for most of the time I was at Kiabi, which made it easy to try things on. There were plenty of change cubicles, and the staff were really helpful. I would recommend this store!
And what luck; there was a shoe store just nearby!

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