Monday, 23 June 2008

Vendredi Soir BBQ

How many French men does it take to chop a piece if wood??

The blazing bbq, with Jeff and Roger

A variety of sausages - where are all the mutton chops and beef steaks?

The BBQ which had been postponed several times finally eventuated on Friday evening. The official bit about the opening didn't eventuate, although there were drinks and snacks the week before.
A local handyman had made up a bbq out of a 200 litre drum, and the best thing about it was that it had legs! Apparently last year everyone had to kneel or bend down to cook their sausages because the bbq had no legs, so the new model was much appreciated.
Like all public bbqs, the fire doesn't get lit until the children are well and truly starving. But after they had been running around playing with the other kids for a while I think they forgot that they were hungry. Except Sophie, who started on the "tarte aux pommes" that I had made for dessert.


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