Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Le Chapeau

Odette modeling my new hat

French women don't seem to wear hats. Or at least if they do I don't know where they buy them from. I have seen a few basic straw hats in a couple of shops, but not the beautiful kind of hat that I was looking for. I love wearing hats, for both winter and summer, and you'll see that I am wearing one in my profile photo.
When I came to France in winter I didn't want to bring a summer hat, and thought that if I didn't bring one it would give me the chance to buy a very chic French hat. (Any excuse to buy a hat!!) Maybe I haven't looked in the right shops (OK, I haven't been to Paris yet), but even an internet search proved pretty fruitless.
I ended up buying a hat off e-bay. And it is exactly the same as one I had in Australia a couple of summers ago, but a different colour.
So much for French Chic...


Anonymous said...

what a nice hat and what a nice photo!!!
So chic!

Our Juicy Life said...

That is a beautiful beautiful photograph...stunning. I can't say anymore.