Sunday, 15 June 2008

Air Strike

Some of the planes in the sky today...

Aeroplanes filled the sky near Sainte Marie d'Alloix today.
And I got shots of some of the pilots, below.

It was a remote-controlled aeroplane competition, with competitors from far and wide descending on our little village. We have often seen the club holding meetings, but have never ventured too close before. This time we were treated to a real spectacle, as we were there at the end of the day when the trickiest sections are flown. It was the "limbo" where competitors get five minutes in which to fly, and they have to swoop under a line which seemed to be strung about 3 to 4 metres off the ground as many times as possible. This lead to quite a few crashes near the limbo line, and probably less than half of the planes in each heat actually flew for the full five minutes.
In a couple of weeks the local club is holding an open day to give kids a chance to fly a plane. Roger is planning to be a kid for the day!!

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