Monday, 9 June 2008

Chez Françoise

Hugh has started going to a home-based day-care each Monday. He goes to the home of our neighbour Françoise, along with two or three other little boys. He loves to go off with his back-pack in the morning, and he looks forward to it each Monday. I think he would like to go every day if he was allowed to!
When he comes home he starts to speak in a funny imitation of French. I try to speak French to him as much as I can, so i hope he will learn a little bit by the time he starts at Maternelle (kindy) in September.

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our juicy life said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and giving me the link to your VISA problem post. Oh my...I think I would have had a nervous breakdown. You just arrived in France not too long ago, yes? Sounds like a great adventure. Where exactly are you located? We are moving to the Aveyron region, just northeast of Toulouse. Glad the visa's came and that you are OK and that you all made it to france. Do you plan on staying for just 1 year? We would love to go for a year initially and then figure out a way to stay - we own a children's art studio here in Los Angeles (10 years) and would love to offer the same thing to kids in France on Wednesday' & english...humm??? not sure if it would work.