Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Le Serpent

The snake, after being run over on the road.

This is the first snake I have seen in France, and I saw it just before it slid onto the road in front of the car. I ran over it on the way up to Odette's school this afternoon. On the way back I saw it on the road and, being the inquisitive person I am, I stopped to have a closer look. It looked pretty dead to me, with blood coming out of its mouth, and not moving much. I got up nice and close for a photo, and then thought that I should take it home to show Roger, so I threw it into the car.
Roger was down at the school after taking Bonnie and Sophie back after lunch, so I stopped and pulled out the snake. The kids waiting for the school gates to open were all very keen to have a look so I took it over to show them. It was about then that the snake started to move and look around. You should have heard the scream!
I didn't know if snakes in France are poisonous or not, so I asked one of the teachers, who told me that vipers are dangerous, but this particular snake - a couleuvre - is harmless.

Hugh watching me holding the snake