Monday, 23 June 2008

Thursday Drive

A view of the distant snow

Jeff and Roger posing with views behind

Jeff really had to search for superlatives when we went driving in the mountains on Thursday. The views, the snow on the mountains, the mountain air, the mountains, etc etc. We drove up to a ski station which would be bustling with activity in winter. Now, on a week day at the start of summer, it was deserted apart from a few workmen doing maintenance, and a herd of cows. We heard the cows before we saw them, as several cows in each herd wear bells around their necks. They were happily grazing under the out-of-use ski-lift in the middle of the ski station.
We would have like to have taken a walk up to the top of the ski lift on one of the runs, but time was not on our side, because we had to get back in time for the school bus.
Cows grazing below a ski lift

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