Sunday, 22 June 2008

First Aussie Visitor

Our Australian visitor, Monsieur Jeff.

We had our first Australian visitor this week. Jeff Conrades, from near Bunbury, graced us with his presence from Tuesday until Sunday. He had been travelling through Ireland and western areas of the UK, and then spent some time with friends in Holland before coming to France. During his time in Ireland and the UK he travelled by bicycle, doing about 1,400kms in the five or six weeks that he was there; so needless to say he was pretty fit and trim by the time he arrived at our place.
Jeff marvelled at the mountain views, and we took him for a drive up to where there are some ski stations. Of course there is no snow now, but instead there were cows, spending their summer in the "alpages". He was absolutely astounded by the mountains, the roads, the snow (only high on the peaks at this time of year), the villages, and on and on and on. So is that what we were like when we first got here?? Everything was new and fascinating but now we just take the mountains, and all that they entail, in our stride.

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