Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Doctors' Wallets

I've often heard the saying "fuller than a doctor's wallet", but it has never made sense literally until now. I have been well and truly lining the local doctor's wallet.
The first time I visited the doctor he wrote out a prescription (it seems you can't go to a doctor without getting at least a couple of prescriptions) and then gave me a receipt ( I thought it was funny to get the receipt before I had paid, but he said I might need it for insurance). When I thanked him and got up to leave he told me politely that I had to pay first. I am used to paying a lady at the counter out the front, by just handing over my credit card. And sometimes in Australia, depending on what the consultation is for, we are not charged at all, but "bulk billed".
Embarrassed, I handed over the 25 euros, which he slid into his wallet. Just like that, getting fatter all the time!
Now I have been to the doctor's rooms plenty of times, first for me with tendinitis in my shoulder, then for Hugh's vaccinations, and more recently with sick kids.
Yesterday, instead of going on Odette's school excursion, which we had both been looking forward to, I had to stay home and take Hugh to the doctor. During the night we got quite concerned about him as his respiration rate was quite elevated. I was scared he was getting asthma like Odette has had.
But the diagnosis was "un angine". Tonsillitis. With some medication he has perked up considerably so this morning all he wanted to do was go outside to play with his ball.

Hugh, much better thank you!

But this morning Odette had a fever. Tonsillitis?? Another trip to the doctor, and the diagnosis of "un pharyngite" (I think that basically means a sore throat).

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