Friday, 6 June 2008

Still Raining

I try to remain positive on this blog, and I have been quite philosophical about the rain. After all, we are farmers and we know how valuable the rain is. But I am sure that all the dams in the country must now be full and every paddock waterlogged. There is no need for more rain at present. So why is it still raining???
Last Friday night was meant to be the grand opening of the Sports et Jeux en famille on Friday nights, with a BBQ and speech from the Mayor. But it rained so it was postponed until next week. There is no sports and games this Friday either because guess what? It's raining!
Sophie has been training for athletics since the beginning of May and the meeting was meant to be on Wednesday. But guess what? It was postponed because somebody thought it might rain! It didn't rain and would have been a great day for an athletics carnival - no rain, no sun, not too hot. Instead it will be on next Wednesday - unless it rains - so we have our fingers crossed!
Bonnie has started doing swimming with her class on Thursday afternoons, for the four Thursdays in June. Can you guess what happened on Thursday afternoon? Well not exactly rain, but the threat of a bit of drizzle, and the sun wasn't shining, so swimming was cancelled...

Soon enough the summer weather will arrive, and I will be complaining about the heat!

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