Thursday, 26 June 2008

Sharing it Around

Hugh and Odette seem to be better after their illnesses, but this morning Sophie didn't go to school. Was it too much birthday party yesterday afternoon, was it because she had to recite a poem at school? Or was it, most likely, that she has the same bug that the others have had? She took some medicine (a miracle - Sophie NEVER takes medicine) so she must have been feeling quite unwell. She took some more at lunch time and has gone to school this afternoon. I hope she gets to recite the poem because she has practised it very well.

And now Roger - he has had a salt gargle for a sore throat, and I found him sitting down with a thermometer in his mouth! (I found the thermometer in the house so it belongs to the Marcoux family. As they are French, and the French do things differently from us, I wondered where they stick the thermometer to measure their temperature...) Anyway, now Roger is lying down in the middle of the afternoon, telling himself he is not sick. Tomorrow he has a walk planned with two local blokes, on the "dent de Crolles". Saturday morning he has been invited to go up the mountain to walk the cattle up to the "alpages" (mountain pastures). No wonder he doesn't want to be sick!

And neither do I!!!


Anonymous said...

well... I'm a french young man (who enjoys reading your blog's posts de temps en temps), and in my family (and my friends' families) the mouth is not where we stick the thermometer when we're ill... nose and ears either... but hopefully the Marcoux do it differently. hopefully.
Regards. Aurélien

Anonymous said...

actually, we're not used to stick the thermometer in our mouth, when we're sick...but...we're used to clean it after, with an "antiseptic solution", no worries...
see you
Marcoux family