Monday, 30 June 2008

Le Secourisme

Sophie acting as a mother making crêpes

At Sophie's class presentation on Saturday we were treated to a first aid lesson. As their vélo citoyen project they had taken the message of first aid and the performance was made up of little scenarios covering the treatment of common injuries. When they originally performed it for the visiting school, Sophie's only part was to ask a question in the quiz at the end. But on Saturday, because some kids were away, Sophie got a bigger speaking part. She played the role of a mother making pancakes who leaves the pan unattended. Of course a child badly burns her hand on the pan while trying to copy her mother, and we learn about the treatment of burns. Sophie also had to double as the person on the end of the phone when the emergency number is called. At the end there was a huge round of applause, and I think much of it was for speaking so clearly in French.
Afterwards there were presentations to the teachers, and drinks with chips outside in the undercover area, where we could look at the posters the class had made about their vélo citoyen project.

Sophie with her teacher Gwanaelle

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