Monday, 23 June 2008


Who is giving advice to whom?

Hugh counting the boules

Do they look like they know what they are doing?

Pétanque on Friday night

No such thing as lawn bowls here! Pétanque is the game played on a Friday evening in the village. It is quite a bit less physical than soccer (okay, football) but no less skilful I am told. Roger has bought a cheap set of boules (the bowls used to play pétanque) and he had Jeff out on the back lawn practising before the game on Friday night.
Jacky, the taxidermist, joined with Roger and Jeff to make up an "Australian" team, which played "France". As the team captain, Jacky seemed to be more interested in pouring the drinks than directing his fellow team members. Roger has decided he needs to work on his smash, because that seems to be the tactic that makes the difference.

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