Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Summer Party

Party in the garden, before sunset

On Saturday evening we went to the house of some neighbours for a party to celebrate the start of Summer. I have only recently met Annie and Thierry, so was surprised and delighted when they invited us to their party. We met lots of new people, including their three grown-up children, which was lovely.

After the sun has gone down

Our genial hosts

Annie had the garden looking beautiful, with lights and candles placed around and the furniture arranged to give it a party atmosphere. They had the music system hidden in the garden shed, and nice food to keep our tummies satisfied.
The children enjoyed paying in the garden, and they invented a sheep shearing game where the sheep (littlest kids) had to be rounded up by the dog (bigger kid) and shorn (by the biggest). It kept them happy until they started falling asleep.
We had been promised a surprise by one of the guests, but unfortunately Bonnie was asleep before he set up his telescope, so she didn't get to see Jupiter and its four moons.
It turned out to be another very late night for everyone.

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