Sunday, 27 July 2008


Happy Birthday Roger!!

Roger's birthday was on Wednesday, but it was a pretty low-key affair. He always says he doesn't want a present because he has everything he needs, so the kids gave him a new toothbrush (because he did need one of those), which was made into a parachuter tied onto a plastic shopping-bag parachute. He had to go outside, while the kids went upstairs on the balcony to throw it off, so he could see it sail down.
Without Roger knowing, we organised for a few friends to come over on Saturday evening for a surprise party. The kids organised a little concert, which didn't arouse suspicion as they often do little concerts, and this one was to be for Annemarie's last night with us. He did think they were going overboard making so many programs and having so many chairs, but they got away with that. He was also surprised to see Bonnie tidying up the living room, saying that he had never seen that happen before!
When the guests arrived he was trying to fix a roller shutter that has stopped rolling (in the down position unfortunately.) It really was a surprise!!
Bonnie had done well to keep the secret from Dad, and everyone else did well to keep a secret from Bonnie: we surprised her with a birthday cake too, as her birthday is next Saturday!

Bonnie's cake, with a few spaces
where some Smarties were within Hugh's reach.

For the catering, Sophie and Annemarie had been shopping with me during the week and had hidden the chips and drinks in Annemarie's room (hey, I just remembered - what happened to the balloons?) The guests brought drinks, and Caroline (neighbour) had kindly made two chocolate cakes for the birthday cakes (if I'd tried to make a cake at home and not let the kids eat it as soon as it came out of the oven that would be suspicious!)
I had made a lasagne for our family dinner, and had some spaghetti and pasta ready to cook up with a couple of quick sauces (one with ham and cheese, the other seafood and tomato.) What is easier than pasta when you need to cook for a crowd in a hurry? I don't think I would have chosen pasta if I'd realised that two of the guest were Italian by background (the names Torelli and Miscioscia should have given me a hint...) but they graciously said that my lasagne was edible.
So we had a lovely little party - and Roger didn't have to stress out beforehand because the house wasn't tidy, there wasn't enough food, or the kids weren't ready.


Anonymous said...

Bon anniversaire roger.
waouh, une brosse à dent, what a surprise!!

Julie C said...

Hello Telfers!!! Many happy returns for your birthday Roger.