Monday, 14 July 2008


Annemarie, after being a model for the kids playing hairstylists.

Annemarie was our nanny at the farm when Hugh was born, two and a half years ago. She has come from Germany to visit us in the summer holidays, and the girls are very excited. Hugh of course doesn't remember her, but I have never seen him show off like he did when she arrived on Saturday.

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Leesa said...

That's VERY interesting info!!!! I had NO idea... I wonder if that goes for blogs... Since I am blogging from France and I put so many photos up... w/o permission.. I even grab stuff off the net... that isn't even my own work- I always state it on my blog, though... I know there are TONS of American and expat. bloggers in France who probably don't know about this law.. I sure didn't and I've been here for 2 years already!! I DID know that I can't take pictures of police enforcement/milatary and show their faces without permission... Keep us informed about what you learn.. Take care, Leesa