Monday, 28 July 2008

A Fish Called Rosie

Bonnie looking at Rosie the goldfish

Bonnie not only had a surprise early birthday cake, but she also had a surprise early birthday present last week.
The little goldfish and goldfish bowl are sitting on the cupboard near her bed. Rosie looks quite healthy now, but the second evening when we got home she was not looking so good. She was swimming on her side and upside down and appeared to be sick. Thank goodness for the internet and a quick Google search for "sick goldfish swimming on side" which lead me to learn about goldfish swim bladders and food impaction. The solution was to feed her a green pea. We had a tin of peas in the kitchen, so it was easy enough to crush one up and put it in the bowl, and again the next day. And it worked!
Now we just have to keep Hugh from putting foreign objects into the bowl, and remember not to plug in the mosquito protector. And maybe find someone to look after her while we are away in August...

Happy birthday Bonnie (I hope you didn't want a toothbrush!)

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