Monday, 21 July 2008

Holiday Mode

Blogging hasn't been the first thing on my mind lately, with school holidays in full swing.
In fact I have been very lazy. We have got into the habit of staying up late at night and sleeping in late in the morning. Breakfast at 10:00am is not unusual. I haven't been out with my camera at all, as it is not really very much fun with four kids bumping your elbow and trying to put their fingers on the lens. Probably the most interesting photo I have taken in the last three weeks (besides the fireworks) was this moth on the bathroom window!

A moth on the bathroom window

Am I boring, or what?

The fact that I have been stuffed up with a cold, along with most of the rest of the household, has not helped me feel like getting out and about much.
I am hoping that these last two weeks have been an incubation period for the rest of the holidays. Maybe we'll spread our wings and fly once we are all well and healthy again.

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