Friday, 11 July 2008

Stacks On The Mill

I had to empty out a kitchen drawer when a bag of popping corn got tipped out in there. It was a good excuse to pop some corn, which we all enjoyed eating.
Then I took the drawer out and emptied it and cleaned it before putting it back in again.
Actually I didn't put it back in again because I couldn't work out how to do it...
The drawer is large, with metal sliders that it is meant to clip onto somehow. I couldn't work out the somehow so I got Roger onto the job. That's when the kids took advantage of his prone position to do something that kids love to do. Quick everyone!!! JUMP ON DAD!!!

25kg, 21kg, and 17kg.
No wonder Dad doesn't look like he is enjoying this as much as the girls are!

What I really need is a handyman. Who can fix drawers. It is still not quite right, so we have to remember to be careful and not pull it too far out...

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