Monday, 28 July 2008

Cave Bears

Touching cave bear bones (cast in resin from originals)

Annemarie at the Museum

As a holiday outing some of us went to the "Musée de l'Ours des Cavernes" - the museum of the cave bears.
I stayed home with Hugh and Odette.
And apparently I didn't miss out on too much, as anything the others learnt at the museum I could have learnt from the website. All the bones on display are made of resin, and the "cave" is a fake rock substitute inside some sort of shed structure. Maybe the fact that the others didn't read French very well didn't improve their experience.
The whole story of how the museum came about is fascinating as it was only quite recently (as history goes) that the massive cavern full of ancient bones was found by speleologists. The mountains around here are made of limestone, and consequently there are hundreds of caves.
In fact there are caves that run from one mountain range right under the valley and surface in the other mountain range sixty kilometres away. Of course they are not traversable, but many of the more accessible ones are open to the public.

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