Monday, 21 July 2008

Photography Project

While I have been brooding here with a sore throat and a runny nose, I have been giving a lot of thought to the photography project on which I am about to embark. I am going to put together a collection of photos of the village of Sainte Marie d'Alloix, to make into a little book, like the one I make each year for our family (click here to see a preview of for our last year's album.)
I had been thinking about a theme for the book I wanted to make, and I had shown some people our little book of "The Telfers at Warragal Park 2007", when I was approached by a lady who said she had a proposition for me.
Apparently some people on "la commission culture " (the cultural committee of the council) had been considering a project of photographing the families of Ste Marie d'Alloix. They invited me to their meeting, and I have agreed to supply some photos for an exhibition early next year. They were already organising an exhibition of old photos - they have a collection of photos scanned onto a DVD covering the last 100 years - along with a video project where some of the teenagers are interviewing old people in the village about what life was like in the past. My photos will document the village today, and will provide a comparison of then and now. And I have some areas to cover for the book; being the landscape, the buildings, the people and the events of 2008.
I would really like to photograph people doing things, and my first subject might be the taxidermist. Then the man with his house full of model aeroplanes, then the karate champion...
But I also want to photograph the everyday activities - buying a loaf of bread at the kiosque, kids in the playground, catching the bus, having a family lunch, mowing the lawn, walking the dog...
SO if you live and Ste Marie d'Alloix and wouldn't mind me invading your privacy to take some photos, please let me know. And I hope I will have an "autorisation d'utilisation de photographies", also known as a model release, for you to sign so that I can publish the photos without fear of being sued under French copyright laws!

I have also been working on a series of photos taken at the basketball court. Above are two of them.

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