Monday, 21 July 2008

Le Dent de Crolle

On Friday 27th June Roger accompanied two of his friends from the village (Stephane and Frédéric) to climb to the top of the Dent de Crolle, which is a 2060 metre mountain (nearly as high as Australia’s highest mountain) about 10kms from Sainte Marie d’Alloix. Roger wrote a little bit about the walk, and the rest is in photos (all photos thanks to Frédéric Fasola).

A 6am pickup meant that by 7am we were well and truly on our way up the steep grassed east face of the mountain. Sheep were grazing the slopes and the farmer/shepherd was out early shifting the sheep with his dog. After approximately two-and-a-half to three hours we reached the large cross that marks the summit. When the intermittent cloud gave way we had spectacular views of Grenoble and the villages up the valley towards Chambery. In French style a bottle of white wine was enjoyed at the summit, sitting under the cross. We enjoyed a picnic on the plateau before descending down through the rocky shale. It was a great walk. Thanks to Frédéricand Stephane for taking me along and enlightening me with their local knowledge.

Standing at the large cross which denotes the summit of le dent de Crolle

At higher altitudes they found some snow remaining

The entrance to a cave

A mountain view

A bottle of wine at the summit (always a bottle of wine!)

Wedged in a crevasse...

Taking a break

A rope is installed in difficult sections

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