Saturday, 15 March 2008

Where is the corkscrew?

Le tire-bouchon?

Where would Stef hide the corkscrew?? Roger couldn't find one, but downstairs he found this hook thing with a good screw thread on it.
It makes a good corkscrew!!


famille equy said...

dear neighbours
welcome in ste marie!
if you still have a problem of corkscew don't hesitate to ask!!!or any other problem
our daughters eloise and noemie are in sophie and bonnie's class at school
They are already very fan of your daughters!!!
we enjoyed reading your blog
It's wonderful to see our country with your eyes!especially the magic school time table!!!!
we're looking forward to meet you.
the equys, marcoux's friend from SMA

The Telfers In France said...

Hello, and thank your for your welcome! Please make yourselves known if you see us in the village. We are meeting so many nice people and everyone is very helpful. So far Sophie and Bonnie are enjoying going to school, though of course they don't understand the language yet.
Thanks for adding your comment,