Tuesday, 25 March 2008

More Snow!!

Sophie has never woken up on her birthday and seen snow before. This morning the snow was even thicker than it was last week. I just have to show you a few photos I took this morning when we took the long way home after dropping the girls at school and the bus stop.

By this afternoon most of the snow had gone, with only small patches in protected areas, like at the foot of the slide in the playground. When Hugh got wet pants we discovered that there was also a big puddle of water resting on the slide.

Looking up to our house from the main road through the village

Odette seems to have recovered from her cold and was back at school today. Hugh still has a pretty disgusting nose that he wipes on his hand if we don't get to him first. I suppose it is expected that we should suffer from these winter colds now that we are in winter.

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Lani Munday said...

Hello to the Telfer 6. Sophie, What a beautiful sight to see snow on your birthday. Johl may have woken to a chilly morning to catch the school bus but not snow! For his 10th birthday cake he had a choc cake shaped like a number 10 and the candles were the letters Happy Birthday.
I shall look forward to receiving all your news and photos of views around the village as the seasons change. Enjoy- Enjoy yourselves.Lani