Monday, 31 March 2008

Hot Chips, Anyone??

After arriving at the Etap hotel we decided to have some dinner and get to bed at a reasonable hour, being aware that we would lose one hour of sleep - due to the advent of daylight savings we were required to move our watches forward an hour during the night (at the same that Western Australians were moving their watches back one hour, making our time difference now only 6 hours).
We were given directions to a Pizza restaurant less than a kilometre away and hurried there with rumbling tummies. Roger ordered two pizzas to share, but Bonnie insisted she didn't like pizza and wouldn't eat any. Because we knew Bonnie would be hungry in the night and she needed to eat something (but refused all that was on the menu) I asked the waitress if they had fries. She replied that they did, and would we all like some? I am sure that I told her we would all eat some and two serves should feed all of us.
But maybe my French isn't so good. When she returned she brought a huge serving of chips for each of us. Yep, six plates overflowing with hot fat greasy chips, worth about 20 euros, or nearly $40AU. Yummo... or maybe not.
Feeling guilty for my mistake I consumed many of the chips, because I didn't want to have 10 euros worth of chips remaining on the table when we left. So to my Weight Watchers leaders, if you are reading this, please forgive me. And I swear I will never order chips again...

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Kerrie Putland said...

Yes, but how was the pizza..?