Monday, 24 March 2008

Saturday Shopping

Roger reckons that the supermarket carparks around here have better views than any he has seen before. So we thought it might be fun to take a photo in the carpark of any supermarket we go to.
Here is Roger with the kids in the carpark at Carrefour near Grenoble.
We had been told Saturday was not a good day to go shopping. But with the kids having lunch at home every day we hadn't had another time to go to Grenoble to the bigger shops. We needed to go to the supermarket, and Sophie kept reminding us that it would be the last shopping day before her birthday (hint, hint...).

Roger packing the shopping at the Carrefour checkout

We started at the big Carrefour store, where you can buy almost anything.
There is even a McDonald's restaurant there, so the kids could have a play. But wait, where was the playground?? It was a corner upstairs with playstations and magnadoodle boards. Not exactly the sort of playing we're used to!!

Our next stop was Decathlon, the sports shop. And wasn't that fun? Hugh wanted to ride on the little bikes and scooters, and Bonnie wanted to try on all the snow boots. Then the kids discovered the walking and stepping machines, and Hugh discovered some balls. We needed to buy some "apres-ski" warm boots for both me and Hugh (the others all found ones in the Marcoux house to fit them). It happened to be the last day of "Trocathlon", which was sort of like a clearance sale and used goods sale in a marquee next to the shop. In there I found a warm waterproof jacket that I could zip up, and Roger bought some gloves (last time he tried to have a bike ride in the morning he nearly froze his fingers off). Sophie found some used roller blades that fitted her (with plenty of room for growth) so we agreed to buy them too, as they were only 5 euros.
Sophie tried out the rollerblades on the school hardcourt just down from our house today. As neither Roger nor I have ever had roller blades we couldn't give her any tips on how to use them. And we can only hope that she gets better with practice!


Kerrie Putland said...

Plastic shopping bags...?

The Telfers In France said...

There are plastic bags to put your fruit and vegies in, but you are meant to take your own shopping bags to put your groceries in. Sometimes we don't have enough bags so we just take the bigger stuff in the trolley to the carpark and pack it in the car. If you don't have your own shopping bags and need a plastic one you can pay for it (I think it is 20 euro cents).
The biggest difference we notice is that the cashier doesn't pack your bag for you. Nor does anyone else...
We usually take ages to pack our big bags full of groceries and feel like we are holding up the queue.