Monday, 17 March 2008


Click on the photo to see more photos from our first day in the snow.

I am 42 years old and it is the first time I have been in the snow! For the children too it was their first time. We drove up the mountain on Sunday and found a ski field, at Pipay (les Sept Laux). After driving up into the mountains on winding roads I usually feel a little nauseous, so it is hard to enjoy the spectacular scenery.
We hired a luge (toboggan) as we couldn't find one at the house. Didn't think of looking under the swimming pool deck, which is Where Stef later told us we would find theirs!
We took a picnic and ate it in the lunch room provided. The children really wanted to go up on the chairlift, but as we can't ski there didn't really seem to be any point.
The little plastic toboggan that we hired was plenty of fun for our first time in the snow. There was a little fenced-off section reserved for "la luge", so we played there for a while, and the kids experimented with making snow balls. Snow started to fall gently to add to the beautiful setting. As the snow grew heavier it was time to come back to the house as we had arranged to have afternoon tea at the neighbour's house. We have met Francoise before, but not her husband Thierry.


Anonymous said...

Hi, we are a french family travelling around Australia, we've just met the Marcoux's (and visited your house in Bunburry). Nice to see pictures of an Australian family in the Sept Laux's snow. And nice to discover the book of pictures of Caroline.

Bon séjour en France !

Philippe and agnès and juliette and louise (blog

The Telfers In France said...

Have a great trip around Australia! When you get back you will have seen more of my own country than I have...
I hope your girls are enjoying their trip, and that they manage to keep up with their studies. We will follow your blog with interest!!