Friday, 21 March 2008

Le Lapin de Pâques (Easter Bunny)

The Easter Bunny came to Odette's school yesterday. When I rang up to say that she was sick and would not be coming to school the teacher said that it was a pity because they had a special surprise in the morning. I had to go to the school to visit the "cantine" office so I made sure that I went at 9:30 and took Odette with me.

Le lapin, and the special Easter duck (Odette assures me it is a duck) that the children made at l'ecole maternelle (pre-primary)
The kids sang some little songs with actions, but of course Odette didn't know them. There was a big basket of eggs that came with the rabbit and when the teachers ran away with the basket and said they were going to eat them all there were loud protests from the children.
The rabbit was very well behaved and all the children got to pat him, though Odette was a bit scared to touch it at first. When she did touch it she said that it was very soft. At the end the teacher asked Odette how we say "Merci" in English, only she asked in French so Odette didn't know that she was meant to say "Thank You" to the rabbit for the visit.
At the cantine office I booked all three girls in to eat at school on Mondays and Thursdays. Monday will be a holiday for Easter so they will have their first school "cantine" meal next Thursday. Each meal costs 4.20 euros. Roger is hoping it will make them appreciate his cooking!! I am hoping that spending more time with other children instead of coming home every lunchtime will help them learn to speak French more quickly.
And we both hope that they will eat the food (we have at least one fussy eater at home) and have good manners in the cantine!

Having the kids eat at school two days a week will give Roger a break - he has been managing the kitchen since we have been in France, as well as driving the girls to and from school. It appears the work is quite tiring because this is a picture of him asleep on the sofa before the girls went back to school yesterday lunch time.

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La Vie Échange said...

Hi there French Telfers! We may not comment all the time but we're reading often. Great posts this week!
Nice to know that school in Mougins is similar to school your town (except we don't have school on Saturdays). Happy Easter!
Dave & Stasha Ashton