Thursday, 13 March 2008

3 girls, 3 schools

Today Sophie had her first day at school. She was very keen to go, and said she had a good day; tonight she said she was very happy. Her school is just below the house, so when the kids are playing outside we can see her from our balcony. She came home for lunch - 2 hours from 11.50am until 1.50pm. The children in her class were excited that she was there - they have been waiting for her arrival. When I walked her down and we met the teacher there was a row of girls standing quite near, all of them looking and seemingly fascinated by Sophie speaking in English to me. She held my hand quite tightly and I had to remind her to smile, so I guess she was a little nervous. They soon asked if she wanted to play, and that was it. There are 17 girls in her class, which is a nice change from the mainly male dominated class at home. But Sophie assures me that even though there are not a lot of boys they are far more annoying than the boys at home!

After picking Sophie up when school finished at 4:35 we drove up the road to find Bonnie's school at La Buissière. Her teacher, Guillaume, had already unlocked his car to leave, but he was good enough to come back and meet us, and show Bonnie her classroom. I had thought she would go to school tomorrow, but he said she should come on Monday, which Bonnie is very happy about.

We drove from La Buissière to La Flachère to find Odette's school. The road winding up the mountain was narrow, and I began to feel nauseous (Roger was driving - I'm not game to get behind the wheel yet). We discovered this is not the best way to get to La Flachère. Next time we'll remember to take an easier road. La Flachère is nestled right at the foot of a steep mountain face and the scenery is spectacular. Odette is happy that her school may not be close to home, but it has the best views! We were too late to meet the teacher, but arranged to go back again tomorrow at 10:30.

We continued driving and went to the Super U supermarket to get a few groceries. The children bought slippers because they have to take their shoes off and wear slippers in the classroom.

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