Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Les Bougies Magiques

Today was Sophie's 10th birthday so I made a cake and decorated it with ready-made icing decorations. It looked very pretty. Then when the girls came home at lunch time they put the candles on it. I looked at the packet which said "Bougies Magiques" which means "Magic Candles". I did momentarily wonder at the name, thinking that it gave the candles an air of mystery, but I didn't read the small print on the back of the packet.
So it wasn't until Sophie blew the candles out that we found out what "Magic Candles" actually are... They are candles that magically light again when you blow them out!! That is why there is so much smoke in the photo. We ended up having to dip them in a cup of water to make sure they were properly extinguished, but gee it was fun. With little kids you usually have to light the candles several times so that everyone gets a turn at blowing them out. But magic candles save you the trouble, by lighting themselves!

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