Friday, 7 March 2008

French Family Arrives

On Wednesday we hired a mini bus (12 seater) and we all drove to the Perth International Airport to meet the Marcoux family. For about 40 minutes Sophie and Bonnie stood near the customs exit where the disembarking passengers trickled out. For about 40 minutes Roger and I entertained Hugh, trying to keep him distracted and away from the escalators that went up and down and were such fun to ride on.
We were very excited when we saw Stef and Marie and their children appear. Somehow they didn't look as excited. They looked drained, and maybe a little relieved after their long flight. After only 40 minutes in the airport I was relieved to see them too! I don't know how I'll go on the long trip next week, although Roger says Hugh will be OK on the aeroplane because at least he can't get out!

Roger and the children went back to Dalyellup to settle the French people into their new home, while I stayed in Perth with my sister Jen. I had my follow-up appointment with the breast surgeon on Thursday. All along I had thought that there was nothing to worry about, that the chances of developing cancer were very small and that I would be fine - which in fact was the case. After telling myself I wasn't worried, the good result was still a huge relief. It made me realise that I had entertained the fact that maybe I wouldn't be going to France just yet. Feeling extremely healthy, Jen and I decided to celebrate!! A few glasses of champagne later, and peak hour traffic hampering our progress, she delivered me to the railway station and I travelled back to my family.

Now I have to finalise the packing!!Both families together in Bunbury

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