Friday, 31 October 2008

Trick or Treat

We have never celebrated Halloween at home in Australia, so it was a novelty for the kids to get dressed up and go out door-knocking for lollies. We didn't have any real Halloween costumes like some of the others, but we managed to find enough black clothes to go around and we put a bit of dark eye make-up on their faces. We also put some dark red lipstick on for blood, and it wasn't until they tried to take it off that that we realised how well the stay-on lipstick stays on, and I have run out of waterproof make-up remover. So the girls will still have "blood" stained faces when they wake up in the morning.

Only one house had Halloween decorations .

The group of girls who went trick or treating together.

Bonnie showing her make-up (a bit washed out with the flash).

Roger, Esther and me, getting into the spirit of Halloween.

Odette, with a handful of lollies.

We headed out at just before 6:00pm, but as you can see it was already quite dark. That made it all the more exciting for the kids. They collected quite a bounty, which is just as well, because then we had plenty of lollies to give to the teenagers who came along to our house later in the evening.


Anonymous said...

when the kids came yesterday in dalyellup, we thought they were saying "chicken treat"!

The Telfers In France said...

That's funny, because we were joking that we were going out to have "chicken treat" too!

Fragola said...

Ah the lipstick mystery. Why is it that it lasts only a few seconds on one's lips and yet when found lonely in one's handbag by small hands, is almost impossible to remove from toddler legs, arms and other uncovered body parts...oh and did I mention walls and furniture?

Glad you had fun dressing up and eating sugar over Halloween, seems to be catching on.