Friday, 10 October 2008

Joyeuse Anniversaire

Odette cutting her cake this evening

Today Odette celebrated her birthday. She had an early morning, up while it was still dark, to open presents and celebrate being six.
Here is a picture of her tonight, when she was cutting her birthday cake. We had to sing both "Joyeuse Anniversaire" and "Happy Birthday" before she blew out the candles. Tomorrow she will be dressed like a real princess in her new princess dress and shoes to host her princess party with half a dozen of her princess friends coming around in the afternoon.

Odette's umbilical cord knot.

This is how Odette looked when she was born six years ago. Her umbilical cord had a double knot in it. We are extremely lucky that she was born quickly and that the knot had not tightened previously.
Since that day I have been fascinated by knots, and I have photographed hundreds of them in many different locations. Here are just three of them below...

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