Friday, 24 October 2008

Le Courseton

Bonnie's school at La Buissiere held what would be the equivalent of Australian cross-country running this week. Sophie's school took part as well, but because she was sick Sophie couldn't compete (not such a bad thing as she hadn't been able to train due to her sprained ankle.) Bonnie has always loved long distance running - on the farm she sometimes asks me if she can go for a run to the middle gate by herself, and I always say "have one for me while you're at it" because I hate running.

Bonnie running in the "courseton".

The course was 200 metres; around the soccer field and over to the church and back. Bonnie's class had a total of fifteen minutes to run, and they had their laps counted. A piece of paper on their back had squares to be crossed off by parent helpers as they rounded the corner.

Another lap down, and crossed off on the paper on her back.

Bonnie ran 15 laps, which is 3,000 metres, or 3kms, by my calculations. Which I thought was a pretty good performance. As I was taking photos during the race I didn't follow her progress, and because everyone was running laps, it was hard to tell who was in front. It didn't look like Bonnie was winning because the field was well spread out, but some of the people in front of her would have been people that she had lapped a couple of times already.
Hence the surprise when Bonnie arrived home from school today with a medal around her neck!!! She beat all the other girls in her class to be the number one girl. Which was great for Bonnie. I am so proud of her.

Bonnie with her medal for winning the courseton.

And Bonnie obviously enjoyed the running too - this morning at breakfast she said that she wished she could do it again!

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