Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Sunday Walk

Roger and kids at a lavoir in Montalieu
(Odette chose the setting for the photo.)

This photo looks a bit the same,
but I'm not sure what Roger's face is doing!

Last Sunday the weather was absolutely glorious. We made the most of the fine weather by going for a walk in the woods, despite the gunshots of the hunters sounding quite near. We walked from the vieille église at Saint Vincent de Mercuze along to Montalieu and then down to our house at Saint Marie d'Alloix. It is not a very long or difficult walk, but I was so happy because it is the first time that we have had a family walk where no-one has needed to be carried because they got tired. (Roger carried Hugh for a while when we were on a road.) We had planned to do a little walk in the woods and go back to the car, but because everyone was happy and walking well we walked home, and then drove back to get the car (it would have been a nice walk back for me and Rog, but we couldn't leave the kids at home by themselves and it was getting late).
Here are some pictures of our walk.

Bonnie helping Hugh to get a stone out of his boot.

Roger and Odette enjoying the view.





Odette and Sophie.

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