Sunday, 9 November 2008

Girls Games

The girls love having their friend Laurine come over to play, or going to her house to play. Laurine has real life-sized baby dolls, that can fit real baby clothes, and she has prams and all the accessories. They have heaps of fun playing mothers and babies, and even took their babies for a walk when we went out last weekend.

Odette with her baby, last weekend.

A walk with the babies.

And we all know where babies come from, don't we? That's right: in their mother's tummy. One of the teachers at Sophie's and Laurine's school is extremely pregnant, and another left at the end of last school year to have a baby.
It seems that Sophie and Laurine aren't content with just one baby - they have another one on the way!!

Sophie and Laurine - what are they expecting?
(One was an air-filled balloon, and the other a soft toy!)

Roger will have enough worries when his daughters reach their teenage years, but pregnancy at age ten???

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