Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Odette and Hugh at School

Roger walking Hugh into school.

During the term (we now have holidays for a week and a half) I took some photos one morning when Roger and I both took Hugh and Odette to school. Usually I don't have time to handle a camera at that time of the morning...
Odette showed me the escargots (snails) that were in her classroom. They were the type of snails (bourgogne) - the type you can eat. They laid eggs and the eggs hatched into baby snails. Now we have three baby snails in a clear container on our kitchen bench. We have to keep them moist and feed them with fruit and vegetables.
Odette had done lots of work on the theme of autumn, and some lovely big pictures were displayed on the walls. The teacher cleverly managed to work the spiral shape of the snails into the pictures too.

Odette with containers of snails.

Odette (and her friend Amandine) with some portraits in ink.

A lovely autumn coloured picture with spirals.

Hugh showing Daddy his class book - parents can have a look
at the book to see what the children have been doing in class.

The colour of the term was "vert" (green).


Anonymous said...

is it your camera or your eyes that are good?
j'aime la première image.

Fragola said...

Such beautiful children! The walk looks wonderful.


The Telfers In France said...

The camera or the eyes. Or the computer? Maybe a combination of all three...
Indeed my camera is good (Canon EOS 5D), but I can't wait to see what I can do when I get the new Canon EOS 5D MkII. It isn't available yet, but it should be out before Christmas. I have pre-ordered one and will be looking forward to receiving it when I get back to Oz.
Caro :)

Anonymous said...

maybe you should forget your old one in my house!