Saturday, 11 October 2008

The Princess Party

There is no doubting that Odette enjoyed her birthday party.

We have had a lovely afternoon and evening celebrating Odette's birthday with friends. Her beautiful princess dress and shoes, which I had bought on e-bay, arrived in the mail in the nick of time. They weren't here in time for her to open her present on her birthday morning yesterday, but they arrived in time for her to wear them to the party today. And wow didn't she look like an absolutely stunning princess!!

Odette and some happy friends
(I don't know what Eric was doing behind my back,

but I might have to hire him to work in the studio.)

Does this pose remind you of another more famous Princess?

We had lovely birthday food, like cornflake crackles, fairy bread and lamingtons. Yes the party had an Australian flavour... The birthday cake was a dolly vardon style - hardly as magnificent as I had imagined it, but effective none-the-less.

Lighting the candles

Eating the cake.

Cornflake crackles


Fairy bread

Sophie organised games, as she does very well. The children played pass the parcel, musical chairs, pin the crown on the princess, and a treasure hunt (although the treasure hunt was somewhat spoiled when Odette took a shortcut straight to the treasure instead of following the clues.)

Pin the crown on the princess (a variation on a theme...)

After a couple of hours for the children exclusively the parents and other brothers and sisters were invited to join with us to continue into the evening with drinks and food.

Once the boys arrived the tone of the party changed.

But it wasn't only the boys who enjoyed the "red carpet" (paper tablecloth) slide.

And it wasn't only the children either!!

My Mum and Dad had prepared some finger food, and Roger made pizzas and a zucchini slice. There was also cheese and a fruit platter. And more cake. And wine and beer.

Roger in the kitchen

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