Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Where Does The Time Go?

I can't believe it is over a week since I last posted to this blog.
Where does the time go??
Well the first explanation is that for a few nights I slept downstairs with Sophie so that she could be near the bathroom (no stairs in the dark with her crutches). That meant I didn't have my computer begging me to play with it until nearly midnight.
The second is that I have started doing an online course through Education To Go, so I have been spending some of my computer time doing that. It is not very heavy - just a refresher really, as I haven't made any new web pages for a while. For those who are interested, the course is "Introduction to CSS and XHTML". If you don't know what that means you are probably not interested!!
The third is that I bought some new magazines and have been reading stuff on real paper.
The fourth is that my computer's external hard drive is nearly (very nearly) full and I had to buy a new one. I ended up buying one online, in France, and I hope it will be here tomorrow (PLEASE!! So I can download some more photos.) Interestingly after making the online purchase with a French company we had an urgent message from our Australian bank about a security issue with our credit card. They had flagged the purchase as suspicious and wanted it confirmed. They had blocked our credit card until we rang them, in case it was fraudulent. Thank you bank...
The fifth excuse is that my Mum and Dad are coming tomorrow (!) so I have been frantically trying to make it look like my house is spotlessly clean. (Why do I do that?? So I can be a perfect daughter?)
DO you want a sixth?? OK then... let me think. Oh yes... every day this term I have tried to have something ready for the kids to eat when they get home from school, so all except a couple of days I have baked a cake, some biscuits, scones, or pikelets or something in the afternoon so that I can be more like a perfect mother.


Fragola said...

International travel with 4 kids, clean house, cakes, scones or pikelets after school - everyday no less - sleeping next to injured daughter every night plus technological and artistic skills-truly you are my domestic goddess idol. ...WHOAH! Sigh. Always fighting untidy house here and no everyday baking, however toddler is happy, garden is in full flower and things do get done eventually...:-)


The Telfers In France said...

Oh the power of blogging!!

I don't have to put in any bits that I don't want to, and I paint myself in such a rosy light.
But in reality you should be reading between the lines. I mean, have you EVER Seen my house spotlessly clean??