Thursday, 25 September 2008

Grandparents Arrive

Eating at the cantine is not one of the favourite school activities for my girls, so when I booked them in for an extra day this week they were not happy. But in order for both Roger (the driver) and me (the daughter) to go to the airport to pick up my parents it seemed the best solution. Hugh went with us, as two full days at school each week is enough for him - the other two days he goes mornings only. Besides we needed one grandchild to meet the grandparents at the airport.

The children took Nana and Granddad for a walk in the village.

Granddad taking a photo of everyone.

Mum and Dad had spent two nights in Singapore on the way to Lyon via Paris. I expect they will have jet lag for a few days, but hope they will be fine on Saturday night because we have invited some friends for dinner (I made sure I chose some who can speak English well.)
Sophie had organised for some "good" clothes to be left out so that when the girls got home from school they could change into something nice before surprising Nana and Granddad. She felt the sense of occasion, which the arrival of grandparents from so far away brings.

Hugh showed Nana and Granddad the drinking fountain,
and how to use it...

There were plenty of little fun gifts to amuse the children, acquired during the Singapore stop. And some chocolates to have after dinner which had been bought duty free in Paris. And my new Canon G9 was delivered so I now have a camera in my handbag again.

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