Monday, 1 September 2008

Foire Artisanale

We were lucky that our visit to Champs-sur-Tarentaine coincided with the local Craft Fair and Book Festival. That is why we stayed an extra night and enjoyed a day at the Fair.
Hugh and Odette had pony rides, we bought a little book directly from the author, and he painted a picture and signed it for us in the book. I enjoyed browsing the books and talking to the authors. And we all had a look around the village from a carriage pulled by two beautiful horses.

Odette, Sophie, Bonnie and Hugh watching Daniel Bruges decorate our book.

The detail...

Odette riding on a pony.

Hugh, not so confidant on the pony...

The two horses that pulled the carriage.

The view from the carriage...

Odette dressed up at the lace stand

Sophie with handmade lace in the background.

Bonnie with Solange, the talented lace-maker.

Making bobbin lace looks complicated!

In the evening we went to the community centre for a meal of local fare and entertainment. The centre was packed, and we couldn't even find room at a table outside, so we had to eat on the edge of the road. It was hard to order as we had never heard of any of the names of the dishes. Except we knew we would not order the one that included the word "tripes" (surely that must be the same as in English?)

Roger queuing for dinner

The menu

Tourte de pomme de terre...


Dancing the night away.

Now the only thing I don't have photos of are the delicious artisanale icecreams!

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