Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Paris Bound

After our short stay in Vendée we headed towards Paris, but we weren't staying in the city. In 2006/07 two French guys had visited our farm and we wanted to catch up with them and visit their farms in France. Olivier lives only 40 kilometres from Paris, so we found a "chambres d'hôtes" (B&B) not too far away from his farm.
When we arrived at the place we were to stay my heart sank. It was in the main street of a village and looked quite bland from outside. But as they say, you can't judge a book by it's cover.

La Kasine at Fleurines

Once inside the automatic gate we found a lovely group of buildings and beautifully decorated rooms. The room upstairs where the girls stayed was particularly cute with its small door which was just the right size for kids (they didn't have to stoop to go through) and low sloping ceiling built under the pitch of the roof. We discovered that the hosts had three girls about the same age as our girls and so they soon found all manner of toys to play with. There was also a dog which reminded me very much of my old dog (Raffin) and Hugh enjoyed playing with her.

Hugh enjoying the toys.

Austuce, the pet dog.

Not only was the accommodation charming but the hosts were very friendly too. Even down to giving me the nit treatment left over from their girls when I discovered nits in Sophie's and Bonnie's hair (first time ever, so it is pretty traumatic!!)

Odette and Sophie in the common room where we could cook our own dinner.

We stayed five nights at La Kasine in Fleurines, and then the girls didn't want to leave. While there we went to a few tourist attractions, as well as visiting Olivier's family farm.

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Anne said...


I've been following your blog and house exchange and loving your comments on your family's adventures. How did you find a family to exchange houses with? My family lives in a small town in Michigan, my husband's mother is French and I would love to take a year and live in France with our children. Any suggestions?

Anne Norcross

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( brother-in-law is from Dunedin, New Zealand)