Monday, 1 September 2008

Ready, Set, ... Battery.

The day of our departure was, as usual, a little chaotic. We had intended to pack the rooftop box the night before, but due to a thunderstorm and rain it didn't happen. Bonnie took her fish Rosie down the road for her friend Salome to look after her during the holidays. Roger packed the rooftop box (you wouldn't see me balancing up there!) and we stuffed everything into the car as best we could.

Roger ready to shut the box.

We kept three seats across the middle and took out one rear seat of the "people mover" so that we could fit as much in as possible. Hugh ended up sitting in the back nearly obscured by a doona.

The kids were in the car early.

The kids had been excited about going on our trip so they were in the car more than an hour before we were ready to go. We had all the doors and the back open, so the interior lights automatically went on.

Waiting for the battery to charge...

I guess that is why, when we were finally ready to leave, the car was not. The battery had gone flat! Luckily Stef is well equipped with a battery charger in the garage, so we didn't have to wait too long before we were finally... On The Road!!

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