Monday, 15 September 2008

A Change in the Weather

I knew we were in for a change of weather when I got up one morning last week and saw this view out the window.

The summer seems to be fading fast. We had a lot of rain at the end of last week, and on Sunday it was cold. When we went out we all wore a jumper or a coat. But my toes were cold in my shoes and I wished I had some gloves on when I was pushing the pram and couldn't put my fingers under my arms for warmth. I've heard there is even fresh snow on the Belledonne mountains that we can see across the valley from our house. Actually I can't see them today, which is why I can't confirm the snow report; but on a clear day we have a beautiful view of the mountains.
Do they have Indian summers here? I don't know. But while I don't like the heat I wouldn't mind a few more weeks of being able to wear sandals.


Anne said...

Yes, I'm afraid summer is over. Here in Michigan we had over 5 inches of rain in the last two days and our town in completely flooded. Schools were closed and people were filling sandbags to try to stop the flooding (check out the photos on my blog of the flooding -

Are you going to start a new post about how you exchanged houses for the year, or will that be a post on your current blog. I'm looking forward to reading more.

Rike said...

Hi Caro,
Indian Summer in Europe - not really I guess. But autumn is a beatiful time when the leafs change their colour... .
Over here the sandal time just starts, spring is very nice in Auckland.

Anonymous said...

hi telfers
here in kings canyon it's over 40, we wouldn't mind some rain!!!!!