Sunday, 7 September 2008

A Dead Camera

Sophie with my Canon G9... before it stopped working.

Unfortunately this is the day that my small camera died. It just stopped working. Click. One photo... point, frame, no click... nothing. It was just dead, a poor lifeless little black box in my hand. It is a Canon G9, a fantastic camera which I carry with me - in my bag or my pocket - at all times. (Well I did when it was working...). Since my little camera has stopped working I have been limited to my SLR camera (a Canon EOS 5D) which I love dearly, but which is too large to be inconspicuous and which has a nasty habit of bashing my children on the head when I bend down to them. It is more suited to a serious photo shoot or a solitary session in the town or country than as an everyday camera.
I rang the Canon service centre in Chambéry as soon as I returned from holidays and was told that my Australian warranty is not valid in Europe. Then I rang the Australian suppliers who said that Canon in France could honour the warranty if they wanted to. This week I will need to do some more telephone work to see if I can get my camera fixed, or decide if I need to buy a new one. Because whatever happens, I don't want to be left without it.


Girasole said...

How annoying to have a camera malfunction. Just thinking about you and stumbled across your blog. When I get time I'll try to go back to the beginning to read it from the start... I think its wonderful to go on this family adventure to France (would love to do a long stay in Italy).

Best wishes for now - Cate

Anonymous said...

Mine just died too! I was at a restaurant taking shots over the balcony and when my meal arrived I put it away. When I'd finished eating, I took it out again and it was completely dead! No battery change or apparently anything else will bring it back to life...

I wonder whether Canon UK would honour my US warrenty... I'll probably never find out as I'm currently travelling in China. Don't think I'll be buying a Canon as a replacement. :-(