Monday, 1 September 2008


Roger, locating us on the map.

Champs-sur-Tarentaine was where we headed for our first night of holiday. Roger had searched the internet for somewhere that looked interesting between home and our destination of Galgan in the Aveyron region. We set our trusty TomTom GPS to Champs-sur-Tarentaine and headed off. We were somewhat surprised when we found ourselves entering the village of Marcilloles, which is where Sophie's penfriend Mathilde lives. We couldn't go by without stopping to say hello (could we?) - so we made another unannounced visit. We had a drink with Pascale and the girls, and it was just when the opening ceremony for the Olympic Games was starting on the TV.
After the unscheduled stop and the slow start we were pushed for time so we followed the autoroutes as much as possible for the rest of the way.
Arriving at the Municipal camping ground at Champs-sur-Tarentaine after closing time for the shops could have been a problem, but the lovely lady at reception just rang the friendly local butcher and asked if he had anything ready to eat. He had some lasagne, which Roger went and fetched while the kids and I explored the camp a bit. We didn't have any cooking implements, so the manager lady heated it for us in her microwave, and we were set for dinner.

Sophie and Bonnie sharing the chores.

The camping ground was lovely, with hedges separating individual campsites. During the night we were lulled to sleep by the sound of running water because we were camped beside a river. There was a community room where the kids liked to watch a bit of the Olympics in the morning, and where at night there was organised entertainment. The first night was line dancing and the second karaoke I believe, but we were too tired to participate. Opposite our tent there was an expanse of mowed grass big enough for Hugh to kick the football. We could walk into the village, and on the way go past a heated swimming pool, mini-golf, and a playground.
The Marcoux's tent we were using is large enough for the whole family, but next time we won't need such a big tent. During the night everyone seems to move closer to Mum, so that by the morning half the tent is unoccupied!

Bonnie getting the air out of a blow-up pillow.

Sophie demonstrating her more inventive way...

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