Saturday, 17 May 2008


The moat, the tower, and Sophie on the bridge

The second château on our list was Villandry, renowned for its formal gardens. Whereas some people might be inspired to do some gardening after a visit to a place like this, I am just left wanting to employ a full-time gardener.
For part of the time we split up, with Roger taking Hugh and the three girls going with me. We met up in the playground, and in the maze. Because the grounds are so huge - over 6 acres - a lot of people can be visiting at one time without the place feeling crowded.
For me the highlight was the chateau, which is just like a family home (well alright - not my family home!), and the atmosphere inside was very homely. I loved the layout of the rooms, and the way it was all displayed. I was interested to read that it was the wife of the purchaser in 1906 who provided the finance for the purchase - she was a rich American heiress.

Just some of the formal parterre gardens

Inside the Château. I LOVE the layout of this house...

Hugh, after being asked nicely to refrain from throwing handfuls of gravel into the moat...

Odette, trying to get lost in the maze

Over six acres of gardens...

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